10 Ways to speed up metabolism

Drink Water To Speed Up Metabolism

The factors such as sedentary lifestyle, stress, irregular functioning of thyroid glands decrease the speed of metabolism having an important role in weight loss. If the ones having a slow speed of metabolism do not move a lot in daily life and malnourish, they have more weight problems. The most effective factor affecting the rate of metabolism is muscular tissue of the body. The more muscular tissue, the more metabolic rate. Therefore, men having more muscular tissues than women in sports have more metabolic rate. As the body extends,  the need of energy to move the body increases. The nourishment point of the one is specified according to the metabolic rate in slimming treatment. If one is exposed to a lower level of nourishment to the metabolic rate in order to lose weight, the body loses the fatty tissue instead of muscular tissue. This causes the metabolic rate to decrease and those come across the problem of getting weight again.

10 Ways To Speed Up Metabolism

Sleep regularly. Sleep at 24.00 latest and wake up 07.00 latest in the morning. Because the body repairs itself in asleep.

Get the habit of doing aerobic exercise regularly. Go jogging 45 minutes at least 3 days in every week.

Do not forget to weight lifting. Work your muscular regularly as the muscular is the most determiner factor of the metabolic rate. Drink water instead of coke, fizzy drinks. Water is the most important component of the human body. A good metabolism comes from a good circulatory, and that also from a good excretory system. Therefore, pay attention to drink water 2-2,5 liters every day.

Respond to your body when you feel hungry. Delaying your meal decreases your metabolic rate. Even eating a little fruit will be satisfactory.

Proteins get the body work the most among the foods. Consume proteins regularly in your nourishment. However, the diets followed by just proteins without taking any carbohydrates are extremely wrong. Even though one would give weight quickly by these ways, it is known that it increases the risk of getting vascular disease.

Eating little portions frequently makes metabolism be fresh.

Yoghurt added 2 or 3 spoons during the meal have beneficial effects over metabolism as it includes high calcium ingredient.

It is a must to consume fiber rich foods, especially fruits and vegetables, legume, and completely grain products regularly.

Sleep Regularly To Speed Up Metabolism

Drink green tea. Tea and coffee works the metabolism as they include caffeine but if they are consumed too much it causes throbbing and sleeplessness. The antioxidant rate of green tea is quite more than that of tea and coffee. Drinking 1-2 cup of green tea both speed up the metabolism and decelerates the period of aging.