5 of the Best Inner Thigh Toning Exercises to do at Home

If you want to tone your inner thigh muscles there’s no need to visit the local gym as there are a few exercises that you can easily perform at home.

Exercising at home is great but you will need to ensure that the exercises are performed correctly and that you maintain a regular schedule. There is only one way to correctly perform inner thigh toning exercises and that is to start doing them only once your body has reached a fat burning state.

Your body will only burn fat when you push your body with rigorous workouts, if you take your exercise too light-heartedly and do not push yourself you will gain little, if any, benefit from the time you spend exercising.

One good way to get your body into a fat burning state before your inner thigh toning exercises is to perform a cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, swimming, running, walking or aerobics. Performing any one of these exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes before your toning exercises will bring your body up to the point where any exercise you then do will immediately start to consume fat.

Secondly, you need to maintain the correct postures throughout your exercises. This is essential in order to target the correct muscles but it will also help avoid cramps and muscle strains from occurring.

5 of the Best Inner Thigh Toning Exercises to do at Home

Exercise 1:

This exercise requires you to stand and raise your left leg with your knee bent and your toes facing down. If you require additional support stand sideways on from a wall and place a hand on it for support.

Move your left leg across your right leg ensuring that the left thigh is touching the right thigh.

Hold this position for a count of eight.

Return to your original stance.

Repeat the exercise but this time with your right leg.

Continue to alternate legs for 10 to 20 minutes.

Starting with a count of eight seconds is great but this should be gradually increased up to 30 after a couple of weeks of regular exercise. This very easy exercise is easily one of the best inner thigh toning exercises you will do!

Exercise 2:

Supporting your head with a pillow or a rolled towel to bring it level with the rest of your body, lie straight on your right side on the floor.

Slowly lift your right leg off the floor to a height that is comfortable to you trying not to move the left leg.

Hold your right leg in this position for ten seconds.

Return to your original position and rest for a couple of seconds.

Turn onto your left side and carry out the same exercise using the left leg.

Start with a count of ten when first starting this exercise but then slowly increase the hold to thirty seconds.

Exercise 3:

Lie on the floor on your back. Place a pillow between your legs.

Squeeze the pillow with as much pressure as possible from both legs.

Maintain the pressure for a couple of minutes.

After a couple of minute ease off the pressure and return to your relaxed position.

After a few seconds repeat the exercise.

Repeat this exercise ten times to complete 1 set.

Perform 4 sets daily to get well-toned inner thighs.

Exercise 4:

Sit normally on the floor with your knees pointing towards the ground.

Lean forward across your thighs and wrap your hands around your feet together.

Hold this position for two minutes.

Release your feet and return to your starting position.

After waiting for 2 to 3 seconds repeat the exercise.

This is probably the easiest inner thigh toning exercise that you will perform.

Exercise 5:

You will require a Swiss ball for this exercise (check out image above)

Lie flat on your back on the floor.

Place the Swiss ball between your feet.

Hold the ball firmly with your feet.

Lift both legs until they are vertical and form a right angle with the floor.

Hold this position for a minute.

Return your legs to their original position slowly and under control.

Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat.

Perform 10 of these per session.

Will these exercises get rid of your thigh fat?

Of course, all these exercises are ideal for getting great sculptured  thighs but more often than not, our thighs come with a stubborn layer of thigh fat that hides all our muscle toning work.

The only way to safely remove this fat is by combining exercise, such as those outlined above, with a healthy diet plan that is aimed at drastically reducing weight.