Does KT Tape Work?

KT Tape is a brand under KT Health, a company that produces and designs sports medicine products to enhance athletes performances from all sports backgrounds. KT Tape was introduced back in 2008 and has grown to be a go-to accessory for athletes. If youve been watching basketball lately, you would have seen MVP runner-up, James Harden, using KT Tape on his right shoulder.

What is KT Tape and who is it for?

KT Tape is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support KT Tape

KT Tape is not just for athletes, its for anyone looking for pain relief and support for muscles and joints. If youre experiencing pain or looking for muscle support, whether youre young or old, athletic or non-athletic, etc., KT Tape is for you.

What are the benefits of using KT Tape? There are two types of KT Tape currently out in the market: KT Tape and KT Tape Pro.

KT Tape

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Price: $22.22

Comfortable to wear

Can be worn for 1-3 days

Material: cotton fibre

Skin adhesive20 pre-cut strips

Includes instructions


Latex free

KT Tape Pro

Examples of injuries KT Tape can provide support and pain relief for: shin splints, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, knee sprains, etc. Please refer to the instructions provided by KT Tape to apply tape. The instructions are included in the box with the tape and found on their website.

What are the cons of using KT Tape?

Skin irritation is a big one that does not always get mentioned when the tape is reviewed by individuals. Skin irritation can occur almost immediately after making contact with the skin, other times it takes quite a while.  Ive had a reaction after wearing the tape for more than a day. Thats why I recommend reapplying the tape after each activity or every 6 hours IF theres no serious skin irritation occurs otherwise, I would recommend stopping the use of it in the case that skin irritation does occur. Another downside is although KT Tape states that the tape stays on for 24 hours or more, you will find that, thats not always the case. In my experience, I found that on a few occasions the tape will not stay on at all, but most of the time it does what its supposed to do.

What is the difference between KT Tape and athletic tape?

I find that the biggest difference is in the range of motion. KT Tape provides support for injuries without sacrificing motion whereas, athletic tape limits your motion. Another difference is in time and convenience. KT Tape doesnt take a lot of time to apply whether you do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you. Athletic tape, if you dont know how to do it by yourself you have to find someone else to do the taping for you and it takes quite a bit of time to do since you are taping the entire area rather than just the pain area.

Does KT Tape work?

Playing your sport again at full speed or going back to the same daily routine after an injury is never easy. KT Tape is a good balance between psychological help and physical help. The psychological aspect, by using KT Tape youll feel more confident about playing again, youll feel more secure. KT Tape supports the muscles that are in pain by applying the tape correctly to that area(s). In my experience, pain relief occurs after using the tape for about a week or two depending on the severity of the injury. If youre expecting instant pain relief this is not the product for you. The bottom line, I find that KT Tape works- for me that is. Others may feel like it doesnt work for them. One would have to try it for themselves to answer this question.

What are the alternatives to KT Tape?

There are other brands out there that offer kinesiology tape and offer the same purpose as KT Tape such as the following (click on the images to learn more about them):

Vara Fit



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