How to watch BBC online from outside UK

How to watch BBC online from outside UK

There are a few methods, to view UK content and unblock BBC iPlayer. If you live outside of UK and have restrictions, you can download a UK VPN. With your VPN, you will be able to watch UK TV from abroad. Your VPN will provide you with discretion. Your Internet content will be anonymous. You can also use your VPN to watch Top Gear online, outside UK.

What is BBC iPlayer?

If you wish to view programmes that you have missed over a period of seven days, they will be available on BBC iPlayer. The website is free to use. Unfortunately, this site is only accessible in UK. This is a handy service that many people wish to use. Do not give up, if you live outside UK. You will be able to view this site with a UK VPN. A popular show in UK is Top Gear. You will be able to watch Top Gear via BBC iPlayer. It is a show for motorists. Three specialized mechanics renew and present popular vehicles. They provide many vehicle reviews and information, all on BBC iPlayer.

A problem with country restrictions

If you live in countries like China, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or Oman, you have to live with government restrictions. Their government, for political reasons, blocks most Internet access and information. They do not have any privacy. They are monitored online, by their governments. They do not have access to any sites in UK or USA. This has been an ongoing problem in many countries. They are treated like prisoners and not allowed to have any viewing outside their country. Find out how to unblock BBC iPlayer.

About the VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that gives you the ability to access websites that are restricted. It gives you complete anonymity, to do so. You can surf any sites you like in USA or UK. It can give you a UK IP address. This will allow you to appear, as though you are in UK. The government will not be able to spy on your UK IP address. You will be able to access the sites you want. You will be able to watch BBC outside UK.
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