Sleeping in Luxury Tapestry Bedspreads

Sleeping in Luxury Tapestry Bedspreads

Ever get the feeling that something is amiss in your bedroom? Your bedroom should be your own private sanctuary, and it should reflect your personality and your interests. If you end up with a case of insomnia without reason even if your bed is the most comfortable place in the world, and if you feel stifled by your bedroom’s current design and decor, then perhaps it’s high time your bedroom had a makeover.

When redecorating your room, you have to remember that your bed is the focal point of the room. This is where you spend your time resting and hiding away from the noise and the responsibilities of the everyday. You don’t have to change your whole bed or your mattress. But you can, however, choose to change your bedspread.

Your bedspread is bound to be the most noticeable aspect of your room. It basically refers to the entire covering of your bed. It’s the fabric that hangs all the way to your floor and folds over your bed pillows. One way to breathe new life to your room would be to choose an interesting bedspread design. Instead of opting for something plain, why not inject old world elegance into your bedroom style?

If you love fine art and history, then the tapestry bedspread would be perfect for you. Tapestry-making is an age-old art form. Tapestries were extremely popular during the Middle Ages. They were used to adorn the walls of palaces and castles. Tapestries were created by weaving together colored weft threads and warp threads using a vertical loom. The end product was gorgeous, ornate and intricately woven tapestries fit for a king or a queen.

Add luxury to your bed with a handsome and elegant tapestry bedspread. Most tapestry bedspreads today make use of tapestry fabrics. Instead of having one giant image as the main design of the tapestry bedspread, these fabrics show recurring designs. Popular tapestry bedspread designs include paisley, floral, fleur de lis or geometric designs as the recurring patterns. Some tapestry bedspreads are multi-colored and vibrant, while others sport more muted hues of golds, oranges, greens and reds.

Before purchasing just any tapestry bedspread, remember to choose the bedspread which would work well with your envisioned bedroom design. Design and color coordination should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing between the numerous tapestry bedspreads on the market. Find a tapestry bedspread whose colors match well with the color of your walls. Or you can also choose to work around your tapestry bedspread of choice and redecorate your whole room.

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